Solar Panels

Solar Panels Overview

Whilst all of the components that make up a solar power system are important, the solar panels are particularly important as they make up the largest cost of the system, are the largest driver of system performance and are the most difficult to fix if something were to go wrong.

Country Solar NT offers our clients a choice of different solar panels and we can source any panel on the market. We have however chosen a range of solar panels that we believe offer the best trade off between performance, value and quality.

Premium Solar Panels

 Solar Panel Comparison   
SunpowerRECQ CellSolar WattLG
Performance Warranty25yrs20yrs---
Product Warranty25yrs20yrs---
Power Class3330W---
Temp Coefficient-0.37%-0.37%---
Panel Efficiency22.319.8---
Australian Office207/28 Riddell Parade
Elsternwick, Victoria 3185
Level 17, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
15 Blue Street,
North Sydney, NSW 2060
Call 1300 765 928Call 1300 54 2273
The very best quality panel issued by each solar panel manufacturer

Brands of Solar Panels

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when considering installing a solar system is believing that all solar panels are created equal. In fact there are significant differences in the quality, reliability and durability of the solar panels available on the market in Australia.

After a decade inhstalling, servicing and extensive research, Country Solar NT can reliably  recommend the following solar panel brands to our clients:

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