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Our aim is to design and install the most suitable solar system using best-in-class products at the best market price. We want to give each customer the best possible return on their investment.
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Join the renewables revolution

Solar energy is saving Australian homeowners, businesses and institutions MILLIONS of dollars in electricity charges – and Darwin and Northern Territory is the place where solar savings for householders and businesses are the greatest.

NOW is the time to join the renewables revolution, secure your share of the savings AND do the right thing by our planet!

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Proudly NT-based

Country Solar NT is a home-grown enterprise committed to providing the best in technical services, expert customer advice and on-going support for Northern Territory residents and businesses.

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Affordable Power

Solar systems are now surprisingly AFFORDABLE. Not so long ago solar panels and components were expensive – you had to be passionate about renewable energy or looking very long term for it to be viable. Those days are long gone.

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Superior Technology

Improved technologies and large-scale manufacturing have slashed costs by as much as 80% and greatly lifted performance, making solar the world’s cheapest form of new energy.

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Quality Components

When lesser grade components inevitably fail or their output degrades you will be dissatisfied, we will have to fix it and everyone will be disappointed. That’s why we insist on quality materials and installations every time.

Why Solar Power in the NT?

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Key Solar Facts You Need to Know

The sun shines longer and harder over most of the Northern Territory, making power from rooftop solar panels a “natural.”

Together with generous solar feed-in tariff arrangements, this means Territorians are way in front on solar power savings compared with their Southern cousins.

As a typical Territory homeowner you can expect to save around $2,000 or more on your annual power bills.

As a business, an institution or an industrial undertaking you can save tens of thousands of dollars with solar, depending on the size of the installation.

We have been doing business in Darwin and across the Territory since 2010 and have installed more than 16,000 kilowatts of solar generating capacity – and that’s a lot.

Our commitment is to provide reliable, accurate and complete solar information with a hassle-free service. Whenever you need us we will be available … we live here!

Why go Country Solar NT?

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Solar Power Products, People and Expertise.

Country Solar NT is not prepared to compromise on solar power products or qualified solar experts – it’s not only against our values … it’s also not worth it (and why we get such great reviews on solar quotes).

When lesser grade components inevitably fail or their power output degrades you will be dissatisfied, we will have to fix it and everyone will be upset and frustrated. Likewise if your solar system is not installed properly.

So we work only with high quality (Tier 1) components we know we can confidently recommend and urge you to choose the best system you can afford.

With the right components, proper installation and regular maintenance your rooftop solar array should have a productive life of 20 to 30 years. Going cheap should not be an option for such a long term investment – it is odds on that in the long run it will actually cost you more.

Over the years we have learned which solar manufacturers we can rely upon and which have the best warranties and support – we will tell you who they are why we recommend them.

We pledge transparency about solar power pros and cons up front

we let the facts tell the story

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We are committed to fairness, reliability, ethics and service in our solar installation dealings.

We know solar and we know that over the long haul the unembellished facts will speak for themselves and win out.

So, we will analyze YOUR needs, assess YOUR situation, go through your opportunities and options with you, discuss your budget and work through your concerns.

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We tell it like it is and give you all the facts – in the unlikely event that solar is not for you then we will tell you!

If solar suits your circumstances, we will advise on solutions – the good, the best, the upsides and the downsides, the options and potential consequences – giving you the best, most reliable information we can provide.

We will answer all your questions so that YOU can make an informed decision … If you decide to go ahead we will expertly install a quality system with care and diligence.

If you decide you are not yet ready then no worries – we will go forward with mutual respect and friendship.

Information Worth Knowing About Renewables

Solar power is moving fast - keep up with the latest developments and tips

Our FREE Solar Power Assessment

Call in an expert to review your needs and prepare a report

When you contact us our staff will arrange a time for our Expert Assessor to view your premises, check your power needs and usage, and answer all your questions about solar power. (Please have your recent electricity bills on hand.)

We will then prepare a comprehensive written report with our recommendations, the costs, the Government’s renewable power incentives you can access and the SAVINGS you can expect to enjoy over the many years ahead.

What Our Solar Power Customers Say . . .

Why Choose Renewables?

It's no accident that Country Solar NT is the Territory's leading solar power company

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We have built a leading team of design engineers, assessors, electricians and installers with the first class qualifications and expertise needed to deliver quality and efficiency.

Our long experience with solar power means we are specialists in coping with Northern Territory conditions – the cyclones, seasonal extremes, remote locations and special maintenance needs in harsh environments.

Because we use only quality, tested components to help you get the maximum benefit from your solar investment we may not always be the cheapest.

All of our key people have a commitment to the Renewables Revolution and the importance of what we are doing for the Northern Territory community and the world, meaning we are with  you for the long haul. If you want REAL VALUE then let’s talk.

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More About Us


We are only too well aware of the confusion, doubts and misunderstandings among many people in the community about the facts of solar energy.

Unfortunately, like so many new and rapidly expanding industries, solar has attracted more than its share of ill-informed and less than reputable firms looking to make a “fast buck” with exaggerated claims and misinformation – it’s easier for them to dazzle with BS if you don’t know the real story.

Solar also has faced more than its fair share of pushback from some traditional energy providers seeking to protect their vested interests by muddying the waters.

We emphatically condemn this and aim always to provide complete, accurate and reliable information and answer ALL your questions.


In Darwin and the Northern Territory you can expect to pay about $1,700 to $2,000 per kilowatt of capacity for a quality solar system.

This is more than in the Southern States of Australia because remote area and cyclonic zone costs are always greater.

But current Government incentive for renewables and NT tariff arrangements mean Territorians with solar SAVE MORE.

This means shorter pay-back periods (the years needed for your savings to exceed the cost of the system) and higher rates of return over the life of your investment – often exceeding 20% if you can purchase outright.

That’s a heck of a rate of return and it can still be strong and cash-flow positive if you buy using finance – ask about your options.

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If you have the available cash then your return on investment will be outstanding and your payback period and cross-over to FREE solar electricity will be shorter.

But you can still go solar and enjoy electricity savings even if the up-front cost is beyond you at the moment, and many Territorians are doing so.

These days, with more than 1.8 million rooftop solar installations across Australia (2017 figures), more and more banks and financial institutions are happy to provide loans on favorable terms, especially for homeowners.

There are many options and we can help you with how these work and who you can talk to.

Savings & Costs

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